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2010-2012 M. Ed.  Educational Leadership 

American College of Education

1979-1983 B.S. Elementary Education

State University College at Buffalo




I’ve never viewed myself as an artist, but more of a creator. Each of my pieces is a creation that is inspired by my own experiences and feelings, which is why I believe they relate to others on an individual level.  My goal is to inspire you with the use of colors, textures, and flows. I thoroughly enjoy hearing how my work creates connections for others.  - Karen Hancock


Growing up in Tonawanda, New York, Karen Hancock had an idyllic childhood with parents who encouraged her sense of exploration.  At an early age, she excelled in athletics and is featured in the Swimming Hall of Fame due to her success as a  synchronized swimmer.  Her passion for synchronized swimming eventually took her to New Orleans where she turned professional and swam in the Aquacade at the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition.  Leveraging her sense of adventure and her formal education as a teacher, she chose to travel at a young age, eventually teaching international students in Aruba before returning to the U.S. to raise her family.  Her love of creating was always present in varying forms, but blossomed from a hobby to a profession through the encouragement of family and friends who have long seen the beauty in her work.  Self-taught and perpetually inquisitive, she has developed a unique method that blends methods and forms ensuring that no two pieces are alike.  

Her recent move to Signal Mountain, Tennessee has created additional opportunities for her to show and share her work which can be seen in local businesses and homes in Florida, Tennessee, and Europe.